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Oct 2021 — Jan 2022

How to smooth the process?

Being as a member in new media exhibition and theater industry, I noticed the redundant steps and inefficiency in the daily work and project management. As many parts of efforts will take charge in the project, the general contractor often works as the mediator between all efforts. However, due to the limitation of literacy, time and energy, general contractors are always under too much burden with an inefficient work outcome. How to improve this process is the core topic of this project.

Several stages in the process of an exhibition or theater project

User Journey Mapping

In exhibition industry, the whole project, from establishing to completion, can be divided into 4 stages: planning, conceptual design, design development and construction. Workflow of main stakeholders' are analyzed with their pain points, and then some opportunities are defined.

Problem Statement

To study why people feel obstacles in the process, I specifically interviewed each effort in the process, including former co-workers, clients and employee from co-operated companies. Based on their experiences, problems are can be categorized in two aspects: inefficient workflow and technical obstacles.

Inefficient workflow
Information not timely synchronized

People need to meet in person to update process

Low transparency and inconsistency

Outcomes are shown through presentations, but the specific workflow and iteration process is “black box” to the viewer

Technical obstacles
Multiple working platform

Different roles use inconsistent working systems with different compatibilities

2D low legibility and accuracy

2D images  make it unreliable and insufficient to show real spacial effects, resulting in misinterpretation

No secure way to ensure confidentiality

Companies resist to share files inconsideration of confidentiality, which leads to low efficiency

Restrictions of time and location

Different location or time zone make it hard to instruct or supervise construction


Based on each stakeholder’s pain points and the problem statement, some opportunities are identified.

Based on opportunities defined, an optimized user flow is generated. Traditional workflow centered with general contractors will be transformed to a 3D-model- centered co-work platform, and the whole process is simplified from 4 stages to 2 stages.

Optimized User Flow
Information Architecture

Final Solutions

A cooperative dashboard enable to visualize 3d projects

Dashboard - Access to latest notice of announcement, requests and comments
Project Page - quickly direct to models, files, announcement, schedules and team members
Model Page - add comments and annotations
Construction Mode - quickly access the progress of the project and check updates of each part

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