The Future of Children Umbrella
Product + Service Design

An intelligent umbrella which helps children to avoid possible dangers in raining weather, accompanied with an App to control the umbrella and helps parents check their children’s safety status.

Product Design

POLYTOPE is a desktop cloud platform to help artists, curators, exhibition companies and workers to cooperate and manage 3D projects.

Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Premiere for Arcane: League of Legends
Space + Experience Design

This is a work project I did at Blackbow. Arcane is the derivative animation series of the game league of Legend produced by Riot. Our goal was to design the offline Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Premiere for the show and bring fans to the realistic and immersing Arcane world.

The Box
Product + Interior Design

The aim of project is to release the conflicts between housing-insecured group and limited social resources. It is meant to rationalize the presence of housing-insecured people, improve their living conditions and decrease their negative influence on the city.

Cave in the City
Concept Store Design

Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. The project is a store designed through this concept, and its main purpose is to sell healthy lifestyles and feelings instead of leading customers spending money.